The Top Myths and Mistakes Regarding Social Security

By Admin Prepare

June 5, 2019

Social Security is a key part to most people’s retirement income plan.  You pay a lot of money into the Social Security system during your working years, and you deserve to get as much as possible from the system in retirement.  Unfortunately, many people do not collect as much as they should.

Many people do not maximize their Social Security income due to the belief in many myths.  This is from the lack of proper knowledge and education, and in turn leads to many bad choices and mistakes regarding how and when to claim your Social Security benefits.  Then those bad choices and mistakes often cause people to collect a lot less money from Social Security over their lifetime.  This is unfortunate, but it does not have to be this way.

Maximizing your Social Security benefits comes down to three key things:  Having factual and proper information; Knowing how the system works and all of the available options; and Knowing how and when to collect properly based on your specific situation. 

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