Don’t Forget About This

By Admin Prepare

November 25, 2017

When people think of estate planning, it is generally thought of only being needed by the ultra wealthy.  Actually though, this isn’t the case.  Whether people realize it or not, estate planning is a big part of retirement planning.  Because of legislation and demographic changes, as well as tax, inheritance and privacy laws, proper estate planning is greatly needed in almost all retirement plans.  So, make it a point to not forget about estate planning.

The ultimate goal of estate planning is to pass on as much of your unused assets with the least amount of taxes, expenses, fees and time, and do it as privately as possible.  In other words, to protect and preserve your legacy for your family, loved ones and your charitable causes and interests.  And you do not have to be extremely wealthy to have this desire.

That is why you cannot forget about proper estate planning and the many areas and factors that it entails.  A few of these areas and factors are common like proper estate planning documents, but most are just not thought about by most people.  So, make it a point to learn of these factors and areas that  must be addressed in order to maximize, protect and preserve your legacy the absolute best way.