Do Not Retire Until You Consider These Many Often Over-Looked Factors

By Admin Prepare

August 5, 2019

Everyone wants to retire at some point in their lives.  And most people make the decision to retire mainly based on the amount of money they have accumulated and saved.  But you cannot make the decision to retire based on that factor alone.  In fact, you absolutely cannot retire until you consider many often-overlooked factors. 

Retirement is the ultimate goal of all workers.  People work very hard most of their lives to get to the point of eventually being able to retire comfortably.  Now, this may not mean not working at all, but it at least means moving into some type of position that you enjoy doing and/or have always wanted to do. 

Most people make the transition out of their main occupation to either full retirement or into some other type of part time employment based on the main factor of the amount of money they feel they need to carry them throughout their retirement years.  In other words, it is strictly a financial decision.  Now while that is extremely important, it is not the only factor you need to consider.  In fact, it may not even be the most important. 

Based on my several years of experience in the retirement planning profession, I have witnessed many people retire and talked to thousands of retirees.  And I have learned some very valuable things from these people, specifically the many often over-looked factors they wished they would have thought of and considered before they made the decision to retire.  These factors are so very important, because even with enough money to retire, many of these can still ruin a retirement or make it a lot more stressful and less enjoyable. 

To learn of the many critical factors that most people never consider before making the decision to retire, visit The Prepare Institute website and find an upcoming retirement education course in your area.   

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