Our Classes Prepare You For an Educated Retirement

We provide accurate, unbiased and up-to-date retirement education through college style courses nationwide.

What we do

Retirement education through college style classes nationwide

The Prepare Institute is a national non-profit educational institution that provides college style retirement education courses for adults between the ages of 50-70. The courses  provide unbiased information on all areas of retirement and are for general, non-commercial education only.


Pre-retirees and Retirees learn what they need to know about retirement in a unbiased classroom setting.


Build a solid foundation of how tax, investment, income, legacy and healthcare planning can shape and form a plan for a successful retirement.


Get knowledgeable answers to your questions relating to class content and how it applies to your specific situation.

The Prepare Course Syllabus has Five Main Chapters


Learn how the tax system works in retirement and how different types of assets and incomes are treated for taxation. Then learn how to become as tax efficient as possible in retirement.


Learn detailed information on health care, Medicare, life insurance and long-term care to help protect your retirement.


Learn how to properly plan your estate through the use of Wills, Trusts and other legal documents.


Learn about why investing in retirement is different than your working years. Learn how markets work and the effects of volatility on a retirement plan, and the different investment philosophies available.


Learn how to develop the proper income distribution plan and then draw from that plan the most proper way to ensure maximum lifetime income with minimal tax.

Why Retirement Education Is Important?

With constant tax law changes, an uncertain future for Social Security, the shift toward employee-directed retirement plans, and the probable onset of widespread changes in the U.S. government, the need for sound retirement strategies has never been greater.

Today's retirement landscape is vastly different from decades past. Retirees today demand capital preservation with growth for income NOW and in the FUTURE.

Risks are abundant: sequencing risk, longevity risk, healthcare risk, inflation risk and market risk being among the many. Our courses are designed to deliver comprehensive and up-to-date information, education and knowledge to help you properly prepare for and maintain a retirement plan in today's world.

Included With Our Classes

Objective Education and Instruction

Learn about how today's retirement world is different from the past and how to properly prepare for and maintain a retirement plan in today's global and ever-changing financial world. Our courses are designed to deliver comprehensive and up-to-date information, education and knowledge to help you properly prepare for and maintain a retirement plan in today's world.

Up-To-Date Information

Secure Act - Learn the details of the Secure Act, potential changes, and how it will affect your retirement and your heirs.
Recent Tax Law Changes - Learn how the current tax policies affect your retirement and learn the different ways and strategies to reduce or eliminate these taxes and become as tax efficient as possible.

Course Curriculum By Prepare

This course is taught through The Prepare Institute, a nonprofit education institution. This course is educational and noncommercial. No specific financial products will be discussed. Your sessions will be instructed by a qualified, approved instructor through The Prepare Institute who will enhance the presentation with stories of real-life experiences. Attendees will enjoy the interactive lecture format where participation and questions are encouraged, although not required.

Our Courses Are Specifically Designed For:

  • Individuals who are retired or will be retiring within the next 10 years. 
  • Individuals looking for proper and accurate retirement education and knowledge that is not taught in most schools and Universities, and not available through most outlets.
  • Investors looking for the most up-to-date and accurate information about taxes, healthcare, income and estate planning as well as unbiased information about how investments and the markets really work, and not the standardized information shared by large brokerage houses, banks and Wall Street firms.
  • Current and future retirees who are concerned about the future of U.S. tax rates and trends.

why we do it

Teaching with Purpose

There are many different and important decisions to make when planning your retirement. Thus, proper information, knowledge and education are key. Our courses focus on your specific retirement planning questions and concerns. The Prepare Institute is committed to teaching financial literacy. We believe the better decisions we all make financially are key to the success of individuals, families, communities and nations. 


What our Students say

What I was looking for

“This is the exact education and information I have been looking for my whole life. This course needs to be made available in every city.”

Evelyn M.


Highly recommended

"The quality of information and education provided by this course is excellent. Plus, it is presented and explained in easy to understand terms and examples. I highly recommend this class to anyone who cares about their retirement plan."

Julie C.


Tremendously valuable

“This course is tremendously valuable. Retirement education is lacking in America as it is not taught in colleges or through employers.”

Mark K.


class options

Current Prepare Class Options

Educational Retirement Course

The Prepare Educational Retirement Course is our legacy comprehensive in-person 2 day course. Tuition required.

Taxes In Retirement

The Prepare Taxes In Retirement Course is a 1 day Free in-person course that expands on the Tax curriculum in the 2 day course. 

Taxes In Retirement - Virtual

Our Prepare Taxes In Retirement Webinar style condensed online course covers critical information of Taxes In Retirement.